Do Good.

Making great beer isn’t just about the brews. It’s about building community, bringing people together and supporting local businesses and organizations that make our towns great places to live, work and play.

Located on the shores of Maranacook Lake in Winthrop, van der Brew is where you can meet friends and neighbors, enjoy great beer and give back to the place everyone calls home.

VdB is proud to host local groups, events and causes. Just fill out our contact form with details and we’ll be in touch.

The van der Brew family
The Vandermeulen Family

And what about that logo? And the name? What does that windmill have to do with beer?

It’s all in the family.

Brewmaster Kim Vandermeulen’s last name translated literally means “of the mill.” He’s been home brewing for three decades, so he knows his beer (he probably knows yours, too.) When he started sharing his brews with friends and family, his kids dubbed it “van der Brew” and had a mash paddle carved with the windmill as the logo. It stuck. And what makes more sense than a windmill for beer that needs high quality grains, hops, and water to produce the magic draught?

van der Brew

Erin Ovalle of MaineLife and Andrew Silsby of Kennebec Savings Bank stopped by for a visit.

Not a beer drinker? Neither is the author of this blog who details her experience at one of our Trivia Nights.

"Great, new place and wonderful people! Will be back!"

Tom M.